Stay Lean to Compete

One of the greatest virtues of strong communications is its concise nature. No one likes to read text that rambles on indefinitely and without purpose. The more succinct and focused one’s writing, the more effective. It truly is that simple.

Business can learn a great deal from the “Lean Writing Philosophy.” Manufacturing industries have been on this trend already for a while. The more efficient a system, the more profitable.

In tough economic times it might make sense to produce all writing in-house and avoid using a dedicated writer that can be more costly. The truth is, in order to survive a weak economy, it is vitally important to maintain the integrity of your brand and communications. Your business or service must remain highly attractive to keep customers from choosing a cheaper option. In other words, you cannot afford to skimp on writing. Of course, staying lean to compete is still necessary.

So, how can you ensure quality communications, marketing and sales collateral while saving money?

Hire quality freelancers!

Hire freelancers for

-resume writing / editing

-email campaigns

-sale sheets

-web copy

-press releases

-interview coaching

Whether you have a business or personal writing needs, quality writing is always a worthwhile investment.

Feel free to contact me via email ( if you have any questions about your writing project or hiring a freelancer.
Stay Lean to Compete

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