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Three kinds of communications

  Whether we are talking about a company or a person, the entire gamut of communications can be summed up into three categories. 1. Gibberish: The first kind of communications covers all kinds of talk without any purpose. Some like to hear their own voices. Some think others actually care about mundane and useless details. One way or […]

Stay Lean to Compete

One of the greatest virtues of strong communications is its concise nature. No one likes to read text that rambles on indefinitely and without purpose. The more succinct and focused one’s writing, the more effective. It truly is that simple. Business can learn a great deal from the “Lean Writing Philosophy.” Manufacturing industries have been […]

Pushing the Envelope

Thank you for visiting I hope you give this site a chance. I intend on sharing some of what I have learned about communicating like a professional. I have trained individuals for many forms of communications success. As well, I am a writer and so some of my entries will be creative. In my […]

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