how to interview

The Importance of a Cover Letter

This is your opportunity to make a first impression. We all know how powerful first impressions can be. Putting this principle to work for you means crafting an effective cover letter that truly speaks to its reader. When you sit in front of your blank page to start drafting forget about the pressure of writing […]

Why Doesn’t Your Resume Get You the Interview?

You send out countless emails, electronic submissions, faxes–or whatever your choice resume submission tool may be–only to get few to no replies. You spend hours on job boards. Your family and friends are pimping your resume out at work and to friends. You ask yourself what’s the point in continuing the fight when your results […]

Life is an Interview

I was once at a funeral reception making small talk with the various guests. I found myself chatting with the Vice President of a prestigious firm. It was the first time we had ever met. While I was not seeking any specific end, he was particularly impressed with my confidence and saw potential in me […]

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