the Most Common job interview style

Job interviews come in many shapes and sizes. One of the most common interview styles is the one-on-one. In this job interview a hiring manager sits down with a job candidate. You usually sit across from each other at a table. The employer has already reviewed your résumé and now you have a chance to prove your value in person.

For a job candidate one of the most important pieces of the one-on-one job interview is to connect with the interviewer. Get a feel for the kind of person is interviewing you. Is s/he formal and proper? Is s/he playful and humourous? Is s/he obviously attached to his/her work in a personal way? Is s/he concerned primarily with numbers or other measurable successes at your previous place of employment?

Take that piece of insight into your interviewer and connect with him/her on that level. A hiring manager will be more comfortable hiring a candidate with which s/he can relate.

Know your résumé going into the interview. It could be awkward if you are asked about a detail on your résumé and you appear to be lost. It’s your job history, your education, etc. so be familiar with it and be ready to talk about it.

Of course, all the common interview tips apply here too. Dress professionally regardless of how informal the job may be. Arrive early. Bring a copy of your résumé. Have fresh breath. Wear deodorant. Be organized. Sit up straight. Keep your chin up. Smile.

the Most Common job interview style

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