The State of the Onion

by Juliana Trichilo Cina,

If you look at your journey through education and the workforce, it can likely be seen as a sort of onion–many dimensions and layers of life experience.

Your resume or CV is supposed to provide a glimpse into your “onion.” Your resume is your chance to show the world what makes you special.

But, let me guess…you don’t have an updated version, right?

You know what that means?

You’re comfortable.

It may not be a priority now, but keeping an up-to-date resume keeps you on top of your progress. It forces you to embrace new challenges and training.

You don’t want to be forced to update your resume because you got too comfortable and didn’t notice yourself becoming irrelevant (and eventually fired).

When you face the reality of a journey with so much potential for future growth only to see the road abandoned, peeling the onion will truly be a reason to cry.


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Until next time, smile and be your best self!

The State of the Onion

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