Unstoppable – Business Success Starts With Action

Since Angela Lee Duckworth spoke on the Ted Talks stage in 2013, we’ve all learned a lot about The Power of Passion and Perseverance. And yet there are so many of us humming and hawing about achieving our goals. Action, or lack thereof, remains the number one factor driving success or failure. You need to pick a goal that drives you. You need to be passionate enough to keep going even when it’s boring. And most of all, you need to keep going even when you’re failing.

There’s this funny saying we all know and it’s used when we’ve lost something and finally find it: It’s always in the last place you look.

Well, of course, you find what you’re looking for in the last place you look. Why would you keep looking once you found it? You can’t possibly find what you’re looking for until you look in that last place.

Searching for something you’ve lost is similar to building up towards achieving a goal. Every place you look and find nothing is a little failure. But you would never succeed if you stop looking / building.

I’ve recently started writing for Quora. (Feel free to send me questions there if you’d like.) One of the things that blows me away is that in the business section most of the questions seem like excuses for not beginning to work towards one’s goals. Questions like What books should entrepreneurs read? and What are some ways to start a business? dominate the platform. These are important questions, sure. But if you just start and keep going you won’t be asking these questions … You’ll be answering them yourself!

When you’re unstoppable you’ll find there are few perfect decisions. Rather, making a decision (and pivoting when necessary) makes for a great founder and leader. You can’t possibly prepare enough until you’ve engineered failure out of the equation. Are you on a relentless pursuit? Or are you observing from the sidelines? The unstoppable ones are the only one’s who find success.

Unstoppable – Business Success Starts With Action
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