What Is Your Super Power?

We’re so hard on ourselves. All. The. Time.

You have strengths. We all do. In our most miserable moods, we don’t see them. And sometimes we get stuck in a viscous cycle of negativity. But if we stop to smell the roses, we all have something valuable to offer.

So what’s your super power?

What can you do better than anyone you know? What strengths do you have to offer? What are you an expert on and could teach? I challenge you to name one of your top skills. And if you can’t, I’ll do it for you. (If I can’t help you identify your expertise, I’ll give you the coaching session for free!)

Humble to a fault!

There is no room for humility when it comes to knowing your value. You can be polite about it, but if you outright hide your strengths, I guarantee you someone will find and benefit from your virtues and you’ll never get the credit.

We live in a highly vocal society. If you don’t own your expertise, you’ll be ignored, left behind, under valued. Someone else will take the credit for your successes. It’s ok to share your success, but don’t ever make it easy for others to ignore your worth.