Why Doesn’t Your Resume Get You the Interview?

You send out countless emails, electronic submissions, faxes–or whatever your choice resume submission tool may be–only to get few to no replies. You spend hours on job boards. Your family and friends are pimping your resume out at work and to friends. You ask yourself what’s the point in continuing the fight when your results are inadequate?

It is a competitive marketplace. But the truth is there are people who get interviews in good and bad economies. It doesn’t really matter if your resume is blending into a pile of hundreds or thousands of others. The problem is the fact that your resume doesn’t stand out in any pile.

Successful candidates use proven techniques–it’s that simple. Some of these include

  • Having a powerful personal brand
  • Balancing white space on your resume
  • Using strong formatting for content and headers
  • Highlighting the right information
  • Identifying what makes you different from other candidates
  • Focusing on the transferable skills you have that appeal to management no matter the job description.

Embracing change, new techniques and advice from those who have achieved success in their job search is an important way to start bettering your resume and your chances at an interview.

Many have used jtcina.com’s resume service. Here’s what one had to say…

“I’d like to think I speak on behalf of the majority of job seekers when I say how exasperating the entire job hunt can be, resume writing included. It may be its required narcissism, the appeal it makes to memory (which if you’re like me, can never be relied upon), or the self-defeatist notion that your accomplishments to date might not make the cut, but for whatever reason, I felt almost paralyzed by the thought of condensing the whole of me to select bullet points. As a result, my version of a resume was a patchwork of fact and fiction, things I thought employers would want to hear, and insincerely vaunted professional experiences. I chose to contact Juliana for help in designing a resume to impress. In working with Juliana, I was forced to take an introspective look at myself, which unlike my previous attempts, allowed me to celebrate my achievements and address areas for self-improvement. Juliana’s process for unearthing resume-worthy attributes was in no way intrusive, but consistently encouraging. I was more than pleased with the end product; a polished, expertly styled resume that I am happy to shop around to prospective employers. Hitting the “send” button comes with a new-found confidence!”

-Deanna, Toronto

You are not the only person who struggles to produce a strong resume or curriculum vitae. The important thing to remember is that you have marketable attributes. Employers would be happy to offer you a job if they just knew about you. Does your resume/CV represent you well?

Investing in your resume/CV is important. It could mean the difference between months of unemployment and having a choice of multiple employment offers. 

Send me a note if you’d like a resume/CV critique. If you’d prefer to hand the task over to a professional, you can find more details here.

Of course, there are a number of other dos and don’ts…too many to mention here. I will provide more tips and advice to help you create your best resume (or curriculum vitae) in future newsletters and blogs. Sign-up for my newsletter using the “Subscribe via email” box at the top of this page and receive insider information only accessible to those on my opt-in list.

Why Doesn’t Your Resume Get You the Interview?

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