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Get one-on-one support from a professional development consultant. Whether you are looking to improve your personal life or career trajectory, you can benefit from a strategic plan. Together with your coach you will narrow down your goals to create a SMART action plan. This coaching focuses on education and skill as the main foundations for growth. You cannot do something differently unless you understand how and why. We work to educate you and nurture your ability to cultivate change in your life. Meet in a private office setting when you need advice or set up a coaching program to get you from goal setting to goal achievement.



Discover one of our trademark Mastering Communications Series workshops or talk to us about customizing one of our programs for your needs. These seminars or online programs help you get a head start on your personal and/or professional development. Whether you are looking to satisfy a court mandated request for Anger Management training, improve your relationship with your significant other, or gain strategic success in your career, these workshops are a great place to start. You will get a lot of information in a short period of time and discover what other areas or skill sets you may want to target for growth. These programs can be customized for corporate training purposes for businesses that take their employee development seriously.



Inevitably goals require action and action requires output. We can absolutely train you to produce any and all materials you might need in accordance with your goals. If you prefer to concentrate on some goals and hand off your growing list of to-dos we do offer a wide range of communications-related services. From résumés to academic admissions, from business plans to RFP submissions, from websites to public relations, we’re staffed with a successful group of Strategic and Communications Consultants that can help you produce the results you need. When your needs exceed our expertise we will either refer you to a partner in our trusted network or help you find a good provider.



At any given time, 57% of people are looking for a new job or promotion. That means competition is almost always fierce. You may have the right combination of skill, education, and experience, but your résumé gets lost in the pile of résumés submitted daily. How much is your résumé costing you? How much are your interview skills costing you? For as long as you remain unemployed you are losing money. Every time you submit your résumé and it doesn’t get noticed, you have lost an opportunity. Every time you are invited for an interview and you do not get a job offer, you have missed an even rarer opportunity. A professional résumé will get you more interviews. Interview training will get you more job offers. It’s that simple.



This business was founded and built by Juliana Trichilo Cina. Her charismatic and inspiring approach to personal and professional development has touched countless people on their paths toward change. She loves connecting with her audience and delivers exceptional value in her keynote addresses. She can work with you to shape a talk specifically for your conference, association, or workshop. She holds her work very dear and is committed to delivering substantial and challenging message to inspire change and personal responsibility. Check out more from Juliana here.


Our results speak for themselves…

We have a 100% success rate helping students apply for entry into competitive graduate and professional programs.
We have successfully helped our clients double the success of their marketing campaigns.

Follow this blog or contact us today to discover the services, training, and resources behind real financial success through exceptional communications.


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