Free Anger Management Classes

Free Anger Management Classes

Welcome to our Anger Management hub! We offer free anger management classes. Whether you’re in Canada or the United States, our free online anger management classes can help you.

We understand that sometimes good people need help but can’t afford it. We don’t want money to stand in the way of you achieving a healthy life. That is why we are offering this free online workshop for you. We firmly believe in the quality of our live class. But in today’s Internet age there is no reason you cannot attend a decent workshop from the comfort of your home.

Here’s how it works. Register online for this workshop. You will receive links by e-mail. The links will include a number of videos as well as a pdf version of the workshop Manual. This is all you need for a full at home self-study anger management course. Watch each one of the videos sent to you. It’s that simple.

Some of you may be attending this workshop for court purposes. If you need a letter or certificate of completion for this workshop you can use this class. Simply pay the regular fee of $325, attend two hours of private coaching in person or over the phone/web and we will supply a letter and certificate for court. The beauty is that there is no risk to you. Attend the full workshop and then decide whether or not you want to pay for a letter or certificate of completion to prove you have taken the course.

Free anger management classes across Canada and the United States.

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