Stress Management and Problem Solving Workshop

Stress Management and Problem Solving Workshop
from the Mastering Communications Series

Stress management and problem solving have a constant presence in the lives of all people.  This training is not a counselling program built specifically for individuals with mental health issues. Instead, this stress management and problem solving seminar is built for all people, because we all need these skills.

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Like a construction worker needs to know how to build a foundation, or a lawyer needs to know how to research a legal issue, you need stress management and problem solving skills. Let’s face it, everyone needs this training. We are all expected to have certain skills and it is pointed out if we don’t.  In fact, most people are referred to this workshop after an “incident.” But whether this course is court ordered, mandated by your work, recommended by a personal friend, or something you personally want to conquer, the reality is that we all have room to improve–a lot of room.

This program covers these areas:

Strategic Communications and Emotional Intelligence  –  Get educated on the value of communications skills and emotional intelligence. Without these skills we lack objectivity and cannot see the perspective of others or communicate with others in a productive and peaceful way.

Stress Management  –  Discover how to maximize positive and productive stress factors, while minimizing negatives stresses that hold you back and create conflict. Learn methods for addressing any stressful situation and nuture the personal skills necessary to boost your effective communications.

Problem Solving  –  From resolving a dispute at work to balancing the responsibilities and relationships of life, problem solving is an everyday reality. We address issues of every size on a regular basis. Isn’t it time you acquire tools that will help you to creatively and effectively solve problems in you professional and personal like? How marvelous would it be if you could develop win-win situations instead of strife? Now you can.

Meeting requirements…

Upon completing this eight hour workshop, you will receive a letter and certificate recognizing your completion of the course. This can be presented to a court authority or empolyer, or even included on your resume. Also, included with this letter and certificate, you will receive an evaluation of your work in the course along with a detailed description of the curriculum you have mastered.

The payoff…

Investing in ourselves is something we value, from education to gym memberships we spend a fortune on staying smart and healthy. So why do we ignore some of our skills? Stress management and problem solving are important. They greatly affect our personal and professional lives. Ignoring these skills can cost us our relationships, jobs, freedom, etc. For those who are commited to investing in themselves, we’re happy to have you join us. For those that are required to take this course, you’re about to discover a whole new world.

Bang for your buck…

Therapy or counselling usually starts at $100 per hour. At this price, this workshop is a steal. With this class you will receive eight hours of time from Strategic Communications Consultant, Juliana Trichilo Cina. This workshop takes place in a small classroom setting with plenty of opportunities for questions and participation for those that are comfortable. You will also receive a textbook for this course valued at $79.97.

If you have any questions, call 1.877.477.3250 or email

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