the Mastering Communications series

There is a huge list of workshops that we can offer. The reality is that we do offer them. In fact, you will see an exhaustive list of our current workshops at the bottom of this page. BUT…

if I could suggest a workshop for you, it would be one of our 11 trademark courses from the Mastering Communications series:

  1. Anger Management and Conflict Resolution
  2. Stress Management and Creative Problem Solving
  3. Emotional Intelligence and Self-Confidence
  4. Presentations and Public Speaking
  5. Leadership and Team Building
  6. Interpersonal Skills and Customer Service
  7. Sales, Negotiations and the Power of Listening
  8. Project, Time and Idea Management
  9. Business and Proposal Writing
  10. The Job Search, Interview, and Personal Branding

Each one of these programs takes two things into account

  • Communications is central to efficiency
  • Awareness is central to communications.

These simple principles discussed across 11 courses can and will change your life. The question is whether you’re ready for the challenge.

To sign up for as an individual for a workshop or schedule one on your premises for a group, please call 1.877.477.3250 or email

If you’re unsure what workshop is for you call or email for a complementary needs assessment.

For testimonials from our real-life clients, check this out.

Court Mandated

Anger Management |  Conflict Resolution |  Stress Management |  Workplace Diversity |  Workplace Harassment

Personal Development

Anger Management |   Assertiveness & Self Confidence |   Creative Problem Solving |   Emotional Intelligence |   Facilitation Skills |   Interpersonal Skills |   Job Search Skills |   Leadership and Influence |   Listening Skills |   Mastering the Interview |   Negotiation Skills |   Personal Productivity |   Presentation Skills |   Public Speaking |   Stress Management |   Time Management

Corporate Training

Administrative Support |   Business Etiquette |   Business Writing |   Change Management |   Coaching and Mentoring |   Communication Strategies |   Conflict Resolution |   Customer Service |   Measuring Training Results |   Human Resource Management |   Interpersonal Skills |   Sales Fundamentals |   Train-the-Trainer |   Workplace Diversity |   Facilitation Skills |   Workplace Harassment |   Teamwork and Team Building |   Time Management |   Project Management |   Supervising and Managing Others |   Generation Gap & The Workplace |   Lean Six Sigma |   Creative Problem Solving |   Knowledge Management |   Leadership and Influence |   Meeting Management |   Motivating Employees |   Negotiation Skills |   Proposal Writing

Week day, weekend, and week-long training packages are available. Please email or call 1 (877) 477-3250 for custom package, pricing details, and the public calendar. Or contact us directly to schedule a one-on-one or office training session.

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